Where does everyone know your name? The obvious answer is Cheers. While The Nomads were in Boston, we had to, of course, visit Cheers. And, what do you know…everyone knew our name. How did we know they knew our name? Why, the theme song was playing as we entered, of course.

Cheers is a place made nationally popular because of the TV Show, Cheers with Ted Danson. However, before it was seen on TV as Cheers, it was known as the Bull & Finch Pub owned by Tom Kershaw and established in 1969.

We visited this iconic site because we were in Boston, I enjoyed the show as a kid and I could not leave without visiting. Oddly enough, the actual place inside does not resemble the set. However, the overall mood did mimic the ambiance of the show.

We entered, got seated in the back, ordered some appetizers (as we already ate dinner), some waters for the boys and beers for me and Mama Nomad. Incidentally, we ordered beers that can only be purchased in Boston. They were the Sam Adams Boston Brick Red (Scottish Ale) and can only be ordered on tap in a local place.

The appetizers were, well, appetizing, the beer was great and the atmosphere was absolutely wonderful. I really felt like I was at a hometown pub “where everyone knew my name.” It was an enjoyable experience and one I wouldn’t mind replicating should we venture back to Boston. Safe Travels.


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