What Is Inside Your Kids’ Luggage?

As Nomads, travel is in the fiber of who you are. And, when you consider travel, you need something to keep your gear in. Of course, different types of trips require different gear and different gear requires different bags or luggage. A writer from the Philippines, Carolette Alcoran, wrote an article specifically for LivingNomadStyle.com to address a specific sector of travel, gear and bags titled “What Is Inside Your Kids’ Luggage?”

If you are a Nomad, a regular traveler or preparing to travel for the first time and you have a kid or kids, we know you will find this post useful. It covers what to consider in acquisition of luggage for your little travelers. As always, feel free to question and comment as appropriate.

What Is Inside Your Kids’ Luggage?

Kids do not need a lot of persuading to convince them to go traveling. Children, adventurous and full of energy as they are, may even be the ones who would cajole Mom and Dad to visit places and to please take them along.

For most young couples however who would be bringing their kids for the first time, there are going to be a few challenges coming their way. Luggage Direct, an established luggage retailer, says it’s important that young couples remember that traveling with kids is no longer a romantic vacation for two, and therefore needs a different set of travel plans.

To Buy or Not to Buy Luggage for Kids

This is one of the more important questions that young couples must think about as they prepare to travel with their kids. Is it worth it? Will buying a separate set of travel bags for the kids make things more convenient? Some say that packing all the kid’s stuff together with the adult items is enough.

However, far more couples who have experienced traveling with kids say that providing kids with a travel bag of their own teaches kids invaluable lessons in traveling and in life as a whole. Besides giving them an opportunity to learn about preparation and packing, giving kids their own luggage teaches them to become independent and responsible at a young age.

All the Kid’s Stuff

Another good reason to purchase separate travel bags for kids is it keeps mom and dad’s luggage from getting opened more often when the kids needs to change a sweat-drenched or soiled shirt or wants to play games on their Nintendo, Playstation or Game Boy. Parents’ luggage contains the more important stuff such as passports and other valuables. It should be opened sparingly while in transit to prevent items getting lost.

Pre-Purchase Questions

The questions that parents should ask themselves before buying luggage for their kids are not much different from what they ask themselves when they bought their own luggage. Durability,convenience, and price are the key factors that should be considered. However, parents must give special attention to the luggage weight when buying bags for their kids.

Health professionals, particularly physical therapists, recommend that a child should not carry a bag more than 20-25% of their body weight to prevent injuries.

Lastly, the design needs to be interesting enough to catch your kid’s fancy. It is advisable to let your kid choose the travel luggage that suits him or her. There are a wide array of designs available for both boys and girls. Giving them the freedom to choose their own luggage builds anticipation which makes the trip more enjoyable and thrilling for the kids.

Clothing Essentials

The first thing that children must learn when packing clothes for travel is to avoid bringing white clothing. Travel invariably means drinks and food will be spilled along the way, so darker colors will make it easier to temporarily mop-up stains and negate the need to keep changing tops or pants when something does get spilled.

Let the kids bring what they feel most comfortable wearing when traveling, but check the bag before leaving to ensure they are not bringing anything that is impractical. Kids may need to be reminded that there’s no need to worry about looking fashionable when traveling, because comfort and practicability for keeping clean are the priorities when traveling.

Packing List

It’s also worth teaching kids the value of preparing a packing checklist before leaving, because that ensures that no item is left behind either before leaving for the trip or coming home. This is especially true for larger families with two or more kids in tow. Preparing a packing list adds to the excitement of trip planning for many kids too.

And it’s a good idea to specify one day when the whole family packs their bags, preferably the day after laundry day to make sure that all clothes have all been washed and cleaned.

Needless to say, your kid’s luggage will play a big role in his or her travel experience. The lessons that children learn by simply having luggage of their own is priceless. These lessons not only make them wise travelers, but responsible citizens as well.

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