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Hello, I am the Trevor the youngest nomad; I am here to tell you about us going whale watching in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

From Niantic, CT, to 7 Seas Whale Watch Company in Gloucester, MA (which is north of Boston), it was a two and a half hour drive and it was all worth it.

We found out from a Nomad fan that the best place to be on the boat is the bow of the boat. So, when we boarded the 7 Seas Whale Watch boat, that is exactly where we headed.

When we headed out, it was a very shaky start, with huge waves, and very cold and strong winds. I was so happy that I was having the time if my life! When we started, I could tell that my grandparents, who joined us, weren’t enjoying the swaying as much as I was.

Now, once we got to the famous whale feeding spot of the area it wasn’t so bad; the winds had died down, the waves were small, and it wasn’t so cold without the wind. So once we got settled down in the water it was amazing.

We first saw a couple of dolphins and bay seals; and then we got to the whales. Oh the whales were so beautiful! It was the best thing ever to see them breach, blow out the water and even come right up to us.

The fun had to end some time. So after about an hour of enjoying the whales we headed back. It was all worth it and I’m so glad we sat up at the bow of the boat!

Daddy Nomad’s Tips.
Even the most cast iron stomachs may feel a little queasy going out to sea to watch the whales. There are two methods that we have determined will work.

First of all, the active ingredient in Less Drowsy Dramamine is Meclizine HCl (hydrochloride). If you have time to plan ahead, you can find the generic version of this on Amazon for about $11 for 100 tablets. Compare this to the Dramamine Less Drowsy at about $6 for 8 tablets. You can save quite a bit with an advance order. If you take one dose of the Meclizine HCl the night before and then again 30 minutes before you board the boat, it is very unlikely that you will feel the effects of motion sickness. This allows you to concentrate on the majestic views ahead rather than looking directly down at the water because you are green and sick.

The second method, for those of you who go the 100% natural route is ginger. You can buy ginger gum and chew it before and during your trip on the boat. Or, if you are brave, cut you a piece of raw ginger and suck on it while you are out to sea. Many people report that ginger is more effective than any over the counter solutions.

I would also suggest that you bring some saltines (or your version of an unflavored cracker) with you. They help curb appetite as well as settle the stomach.

Bring a jacket. Commonly in areas where you go whale watching in New England, it can still be chilly when out to sea.

Check Groupon before you go. Many times there will be Groupon specials that can save you significantly. We got one for 7 Seas Whale Watch Company. We got this one because the company guarantees that if you do not see a whale, you can keep coming back until you do. That is one heck of a guarantee. And the crew was fantastic!

When out on the water, look over the horizon and keep an eye out for puffs of smoke. It really is not smoke. It is the whale exhaling. It is like a human exhaling on a cold day and able to “see your breath.” Same thing with whales, it is simply much, much bigger.

Finally, look back even when headed in. Just because your captain is ready to head back does not mean the whales are finished. On our way back, we actually saw 2 whales breach the water; one of them did it twice and the other one did it three times! That is very rare. And if we were not watching as we left, we would have missed it.

We have many more. But those are the most important, in my opinion. If you have some tips, leave them in the comments. Safe Travels.

About Trevor

The youngest son of the family, at 11. Trevor loves to spend time with his family and friends, play all kinds of games (electronic and board), watch TV, skate, tell jokes and generally be the center of attention displaying unending energy. His greatest aspiration is to become a professional actor.

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