Setting Up In Florida

As of September 6, 2017, our clan of Nomads has visited all of the contiguous 48 United States. Also referred to as CONUS (Continental United States). Our travels across and around the United States took us just over 3 years since we began our journey from Texas on August 29, 2014. as I am writing this post, we are now setting up in Florida.

While we were on the road, Mama Nomad and I discussed how we would visit Alaska and Hawaii. We contemplated driving from Oregon, while we were there, up to Ketchikan, Alaska, the southern most Alaskan city. However, this journey, one way, would take over 32 hours. It would have taken us across some very rugged terrain with mobile signal completely disappearing. We are up for many adventures. But this was not one that sounded fun.

We also discussed flying or taking a cruise to Hawaii, because, as you know, you cannot drive there in Ebony. Ultimately, we chose to fly to a Western State and take a cruise up to Alaska. And, to fly to Hawaii to explore it.

Since we were not going to drive to either with Ebony and our trailer, The Mule, we decided to establish a more permanent home base to operate from. Additionally, our youngest Nomad needs to get braces and that is not feasible to do when you hop from state to state every few months.

There were many states that we really liked along our travels. So, narrowing our home base down to one state was a difficult decision, to say the least. Ultimately, we cross compared the rankings of liberty for real estate rights, home schooling, and other personal and professional rights. At the end of the day, we chose to settle in Florida.

At one time, we actually lived in Naples, Florida. It is a beautiful city and we really enjoyed it. But, when we wanted to visit family, it would take us an entire day just to get out of Florida. So, this time we are focusing on the panhandle. It is surprising how many people do not know what part of Florida the panhandle is. It is the stretch of land that runs under Alabama and part of Georgia. Our focus is in the Northwestern Region between Panama City Beach and Pensacola.

We are on the Emerald Coast right now in the Santa Rosa Beach area while we look for a more permanent residence. Yes, we are renting a vacation rental. Hey…it is what we know. After all, that has been our normal housing for 3 years.

Truthfully, our biggest dilemma is whether to get a place on the beach or get many acres of land.
We enjoy the sound of the waves, walking on the sand and the atmosphere of the beach. However, your neighbors are literally a stones throw away. There aren’t really any parcels of land that have no immediate neighbors.

On the other hand, we love having enough land that we cannot see our neighbors. It gives us privacy, the ability to build our own walking, hiking and 4 wheeler trails. With enough land we can target practice without going to a range. And we can grow our own food (plants and animals). However, this is likely to have us a good distance from amenities and the beach.

So, this adventure is not the same as the last one. But it is going to be an adventure nonetheless. For all of our fans, stay tuned. We are still Nomads at heart. And there will be more adventures to be written about. After all, we still have Hawaii and Alaska to explore. Additionally, Trevor, our youngest Nomad, wants to place his toes on every continent. And, honestly, I am happy to oblige him.

New adventures. Different focus. Brand new excitement. Safe Travels.

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