Paradise Beach – Indialantic

We decided to venture to the Atlantic side of the Florida peninsula to go to the beach. In the past, we Indialantic Signalways visited the gulf side. The sand and the water is just different on the gulf side. In addition, there are minimal to no undertow warnings on the gulf side. However, with a state that has a vast majority of its borders touching ocean water, we felt it fair to give the Atlantic side a shot.

After a little research, we discovered a little gem of a place called Indialantic. The name is kind of odd. However, everything we read about it was that it was a nice little town on the beach. Reviews stated that the beaches were clean as were their public restrooms. Additionally, the reviews stated that the area past the lifeguard stand was not crowded, something we always enjoyParadise Beach Sand reading. We looked up the information on the town and realized it was a middle sized beach town. We like middle sized; not so small that it has no amenities but not so large that there are droves of people.

We ventured to Paradise Beach in Indialatic, Florida and we were not disappointed. The parking was FREE. That was a bonus we did not expect. Many beaches require you drop coins into a parking meter. We are a family that does not carry cash often, much less coins. So, free parking was great. The bathrooms were pretty clean. They had sand on the floors. But, come one…we are at the beach. Paradise Beach had a food trailer, sporting equipment rentals, fresh water showers, outdoor picnic tables, a playscape and, of course, the beach.

The beach was fairly clean. It was not as clean as the beaches in Naples, Florida. But, not many beaches are. However, compared to many other equally traveled beaches, these were fairly clean. The sand was white and semi-powdery. The waves were about 5 to 6 feet tall; fine for body surfing and light boogey boarding. While body surfing the waves, we noticed schools of fish, that numbered in the hundreds, surfing the waves along with us.

Paradise Beach Waves 2                            Paradise Beach Waves 1

Paradise Beach had people there of all ages. It seemed like all were enjoying themselves and we had a great time. When we head back to the Atlantic Side, we will likely visit this beach again.

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