Paper Checks

My passport has come up for renewal. So, I went to the website to renew my passport, thinking I could do so online. You can get the form from online to renew it. But, ultimately you have to go to an authorized passport office in person or mail in your application for renewal with a check or money order. This is where it got interesting for me.

Since engaging in this Nomadic Lifestyle, we have moved most of our bills and payment preferences to electronic billing and payment with credit cards, debit cards or EFT direct from one of our bank accounts. When the passport website said I had to pay with a money order or a paper check, I was somewhat taken aback.

I looked at Mama Nomad, and a great amount of seriousness, I asked her if she knew where our checkbook actually was? I looked at our family accounting system and realized that we had not written an actual paper check in over 6 months! And that check was to our landlord before we embarked on our journey. That’s right! 6 months!

Well, after about 20 to 30 minutes of searching, I finally found our checkbook. I dusted it off and wrote the check for my passport renewal. I am sure that many people still use paper checks. But, it won’t be long before paper checks are as antiquated as VHS tapes. Safe Travels.

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The patriarch of the family and Daddy Nomad. Chase loves spending time with his family, traveling, outdoor activities, good movies and TV shows, business and creative projects. He is an entrepreneurial businessman and investor who specializes in international business strategy and tactics.

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