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Magic Kingdom CastleThe nomads visited two Disney Parks in October (2014). The first one was Hollywood Studios and the second one was The Magic Kingdom. There are thousands of articles, posts and advertisements for Disney and The Magic Kingdom. As with my post on Hollywood Studios, my objective is to relay our experience there, mainly through imagery and hopefully impart at least one thing that other sites may have overlooked. So bippity boppity boo…here we go.

The Magic Kingdom is enormous and has a lot to do. It seems to have a good mix of rides, themed event places, character interactions and parades. Oh boy do they have parades.

When you arrive, do not assume that you can do the same as some of the other Disney Parks. You absolutely cannot park and walk to the main entrance. You park and take either the train or the ferry. They both will get you there in about the same time frame.

With so much to do and see, I would suggest you choose what is most important to you and organize them in order. When you organize and try to plan your day, remember to give yourself plenty of time to get to timed events like parades or shows. Ride times may vary, but the timed events are commonly on time and spread around the park.

Also, take the rides that are top on your list and go to a fast pass kiosk to lock in your fast passes. Wait times are significantly less with fast passes than they are with regular lines. You can even get fast passes online up to 6 months ahead of your date of visit.

The two rides and one other event that seem to fill the fastest and have the longest waits are The Peter Pan ride, The Seven Dwarfs Mine ride and Meeting Anna and Elsa’s characters . If they interest you, lock them in as your fast passes first. Alternatively, if you get there right when the park opens, you can rush in and jump on the rides with little to no wait.

An additional time-saving thing you can do is plan to ride these rides real late at night or during a major parade in the area. We had fast passes for Space Mountain late in the evening but the regular line was not long at all.

Another tip, bring a backpack with snacks and a water bottle. This is just good practice at all parks. The Magic Kingdom has water fountains at every restroom. So, you can fill water bottles all day long and save considerably on your budget. Additionally, The Magic Kingdom does have snacks all over the park. But, you can spend more time riding if you bring snacks and eat while waiting in line. Not to mention, it is another budget saver.

And, if you go over to Tom Sawyer’s island and you are afraid of the dark or you are claustrophobic, do not go into the caves. They are meant to be explored. But they do run underground and there are some tight spots. If you are not afraid of the dark or claustrophobic, I would not miss them. They are fun to explore.

Finally, if you just need to let loose and get away from the craziness of standing in lines for everything, head on over to the dance floor at night-time. It is in Tomorrowland by Space Mountain. They play music and, many times, you can dance with some of your favorite characters. It can really ease stress and increase the endorphins in your body. If you time it right, you can dance while the fireworks show goes off overhead.

We hope you found the information useful and urge you to leave any useful tips you have learned in our comments below. The Magic Kingdom is a Magical Place that all should visit at least once. And, guess what, the Mickey Mouse character you can meet and take pictures with talks to you now. For Mickey lovers, that is the icing on the cake! And now comes the pix. And there are quite a few. Enjoy!

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