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Leaving Missouri 121414While taking this journey into Living Nomad Style, we have had to make a great deal of changes in how we do things. I mean, it is not simple to go from a 4700 square foot (436.6 square meter) house to an 8 foot by 5 foot ( 37 square meter) cargo trailer that is towed behind an SUV.

We have had to strike a balance between bringing things on the road that we need, things we want, their weight, their size and their usefulness. When you add to the fact that we still try to strive to provide a semblance of a home for our family while we are traveling, things could become very difficult.

Some of our traveling brethren (with families) engage in their journeys with an RV. So they take their home with them. Others rent houses, apartments and condos on longer terms (6 months to a year). Our challenge was to have the flexibility of an RV with the stability of a long-term rented home. How did we achieve it? Well, it took a lot of debate and research to find our solution.

We looked into corporate apartment rentals. Only available in larger cities and they were more expensive as they expected corporations to pay for them. We looked into long-term hotel stays. This did not deliver the space and home requirements we had. We looked into home sitting. The schedules were not flexible enough in the areas we wanted to travel and a family of five, unless you are on a farm, is not desirable for house sitting. So, what are we to do?

Mandy, our expert researcher of the family, came across a company called HomeAway. This site has 100_3816vacation rentals across the United States and other countries. They offer full homes, condos, apartments, town houses and even cabooses. That’s right. They even have train cabooses for rent.

They work in conjunction with other websites within their portfolio to give a full range of offerings. We never have a lack of choices when looking to travel to a new destination. They guarantee that if you pay through their site that you will have a place to stay. So, there is no worry about fraud. To you who are new to this, fraud is something you need to be mindful of. Someone can take your money that does not even own a piece of real estate. Then you show up to stay for a while and the people in the property have no idea what you are talking about. HomeAway covers and guarantees this not to happen.

HomeAway also offers other protections like cancellation insurance and property insurance to insure your belongings while there. We have found this site and their partner sites to be invaluable in our house hunting. Whether you are a Nomad like us or you just want to find a great place to stay at an affordable rate, I suggest you check out HomeAway.

We like the service enough to endorse it and become an affiliate for them.

If you want to rent a place, please show Living Nomad Style some support and check out HomeAway through this link.

And, if you are a property owner and you would like to rent your vacation rental on a solid and trusted network like HomeAway, check this link out.

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As always, we would love to hear the experiences of those of you who have already used this service. And for those of you who have not but intend to do so, come back and give us your feedback. Safe Travels.

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  1. We downsized from a 1200 sq. ft. house to the cab of a semi truck that measured 63 sq. ft. back in 2011. We learned really fast what we didn’t need & that in order to be happy, we didn’t need “stuff”. We now live in a little house that measures 600 sq. ft. on 2.25 acres & we wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world. B-)

    • Robin – what a wonderful story! We have experienced what you are stating. We don’t need “stuff” to be happy. Our society is commonly one of stuff owning people rather than people owning stuff. And when you begin to release and get rid of stuff, a feeling of freedom comes over you. Glad you found your little slice of heaven on earth! And thanks for your support.

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