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Honey Whytes SignAfter an afternoon and evening exploring Downtown Richmond, and with a 2 hour drive back to homebase in front of us, we decided to visit a local place and grab a bite to eat. The vote was for burgers. We were by St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. So we fired up Yelp and found a local burger joint with good reviews that wasn’t far. So we jumped into Ebony and headed to Honey Whytes.

Honey Whytes is not far from the Canal Walk. When we pulled up, the outside looked like the place was rather small and our initial impression was that it was closed. We saw people so we tried one door and it was locked. Then we saw the other door, which of course was clearly marked if we would have paid attention, and we entered.

When we entered the place, it was uniquely decorated with a mixture of 1960s memorabilia, English Pub dart board, Three Stooges poster and pirate decor. You would think that this would look awkward but it all matched up nicely and gave this little place some charm.

Quality of Food – 5
First we started off with an appetizer. We wanted a couple bowls of the sausage dip. They only had one so we substituted the other one for their nachos. So glad we did! The sausage dip was great but the nachos were phenomenal.

We went to this place for burgers and it did not disappoint. They had a wide array of selections. Some were traditional, Bacon Cheddar Burger, while some other ones were clearly original, The Heart Attack Burger. Trevor ordered the Hawaiian Burger.  He loves Hawaiian Pizza and this was similar in composition: burger, ham, pineapple and swiss cheese. Mama Nomad and Noah ordered the Rodeo Burger: burger, cheddar cheese, onion ring and bbq sauce.


Finally, Ethan and I could not resist. We ordered The Heart Attack Burger. This is unlike anything I had seen. They take two grilled cheese sandwiches and place bacon in them. These are used as the buns! Then the burger and fixings are added to the middle. We had to cut it in half and mash down on it just to get it in our mouths. We all enjoyed our selections.

Service – 5
Our server’s name was Dave. He is what I would consider to be an ideal server. He was helpful and courteous with a great sense of humor. He consistently checked on us, kept our waters filled without us asking and cleaned our plates, also without us asking.

He seemed to know when to come over and take care of things and when to ask if we needed anything, taking the opportunity to engage in light conversation with us about who we are and what we did. No problems with a 5 out of 5 here.

Price – 4
Honey Whytes was fairly priced for the portions you received. The appetizers, especially the nachos, were huge. The burgers were more than ample. The Heart Attack Burger was actually too big. The reason why this received a 4 instead of a 5 is because of our baseline comparisons. We have been able to eat at other establishments, receive the same amount of food at a lower price. If Honey Whytes included fries or onion rings with the burgers, this would have likely been a 5.

Overall Value – 5
The overall value, an average of the three scores, for Honey Whytes is a 5. This is a unique little restaurant and bar. The atmosphere was nice, the food was great, the service was fantastic and the overall experience was enjoyable. If you are in the Richmond Area, I would recommend stopping in. If you do, tell Dave that The Nomads said, “hello.” Safe Travels.

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