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While we stayed in Southern Utah, Mama Nomad came across one of the most useful sites we have ever seen for hiking. It is the Hike St. George website.

This website seems to have some of the most accurate and comprehensive database of information as it pertains to directions to trails, elevation change, round trip trail distance, level of the hike, images of the hike and much more.

If you are coming to the St George, Utah area and plan on doing any hiking, you need to check out this invaluable resource. Thank you Tim LeBaron, the site owner, for creating such a useful tool. We used it extensively and it was immensely helpful. Safe Travels.

About The Site Owner (Taken From HikeStGeorge.com)

My name is Tim LeBaron, and these are the records of my experiences in the outdoors around Southern Utah. You’re probably wondering right now, “Why another Southern Utah Hiking Site???”, and, “What could possibly be different about this site???”  Well, mostly this site came about as a personal commitment to myself – not only to get me out and exercise, but to fulfill a dream I’ve had of creating and having at my fingertips a comprehensive database of hard to find hikes in Southern Utah.

As a hiking enthusiast it has been frustrating over the years to hear about people going on these incredible adventures on trails I have never heard of, and then going to search the internet for these hikes and not be able to find any information about them. You may have had a similar experience… Well, I’m not going to promise that this site will solve all of your hiking quandaries, but my goal is to create your one-stop-shop for all the trails you could ever wish to explore in St George, Utah and surrounding areas.

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