Happy 19th Birthday Noah

It is hard to believe that 19 years ago I became a Dad for the first time. That was the day that my eldest son was born. Now, 19 years later, my first born is no longer a baby. He has matured into a fine young man that any parent would be proud of.

As is our custom, the birthday celebrant gets to pick what we do. We kicked off the day with Mama Nomad’s famous breakfast casserole, followed by cake and presents. Well, for those of you who read our posts regularly, you know that we substitute a great many things in place of cake. They all still have candles to blow out. This time Noah wanted Voodoo Doughnuts; a famous place started in Oregon that has wacky flavors like doughnuts with Captain Crunch cereal on them.

After doughnuts and presents, we loaded up Ebony and headed to a Barcade (think bar + arcade). They had some old video games, basketball, billiards, air hockey and a wall of pinball machines. We spent a couple of hours there dropping quarters.

Once we had our fill, we took off to a little hole in the wall BBQ place called Big Stuff. Let me tell you, it was big stuff. Great BBQ served by cordial people at a reasonable price. We left full and satisfied.

From there we returned home for all of the boys to continue the video gaming challenges and who knows what else. It has been a fun day and the day is not over yet. I am glad that even though we raised a young man, he can still let loose like a kid every now and then.

Happy 19th Birthday Noah!

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