Happy 13th Birthday Trevor

Happy 13th Birthday Trevor! On Thursday our youngest Nomad turned 13! That’s right. Our youngest Nomad is a teenager. This marks the day that we now have all 3 Nomad sons as teenagers (19, 16 and 13).

It is really hard to believe that the last Nomad son is a teenager now. Mama Nomad and I are no longer the parents of a non-teenage son. It is a landmark birthday for him and a landmark day for us, as parents. And it was a greatly celebrated one, as all Nomad Birthdays are.

It seems as though Trevor is beginning to form a pattern in his celebratory breakfasts. Last year he requested bacon, eggs and cinnamon rolls. Guess what he asked for this year? Yep. You guessed it, bacon, eggs and cinnamon rolls.

After breakfast, at 11am (more like brunch), Trevor read cards from family and opened presents. It is a tradition that each of us make handmade cards. Even down to the youngest Nomad, it really seems like the effort is appreciated.

We waited a few hours to let brunch settle and it was cake time. I joked that with 13 candles, we may want to disable the smoke alarm. But, Trevor was able to take care of them all in one breath, no problem.

Once we ate cake, we waited around for another few hours and Trevor wanted to go to the movies. Movie requested? Daddy’s Home 2. We took in a matinée at Grand Boulevard. The theater was great and the movie was hilarious. Good thing there was only one other person in the theater besides us. I laugh loud when I laugh and this movie had me rolling!

After the movie we adjourned to the house for a bit. Then, hunger sat in and decided to head to our final destination. Dinner. Place of choice? Fuji Sushi and Seafood Buffet. That’s right. All you can eat sushi. Bonus surprise…they had made to order hibachi. I think we all devoured 3 to 4 plates each. Worth it!

After dinner we returned home where the boys spent the rest of the evening playing video games. I do not know if there could have been a more perfect birthday for Trevor: breakfast with cinnamon rolls, presents, cake, movies, sushi buffet and video games. What a great day.

Happy 13th Birthday Trevor!!!

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