Exploring The Rivers Edge

As we posted previously, our current homebase is located in The Shenandoah River Valley. Actually, our homebase is located on a few hundred acres of farmland right on the edge of the Shenandoah River. Last weekend Mama Nomad and I decided to go exploring the rivers edge.

We grabbed the camera, a few first aid and survival supplies, strapped on our hiking boots and we headed out the door. We began our trek down the river’s edge. The river was filled with dozens of ducks and geese. They took flight every time we approached within 100 feet of them. They flew in the direction we were walking, so we caused them to take flight many times. It was enjoyable to watch each time. It was like a synchronized symphony of flight.

Squirrels ran along the river’s edge darting through the underbrush and jumping from tree to tree. At one point, the pathway transformed from an open plain type terrain to a wooded area filled with thicket of thorn bushes, rocks and huge oak trees. We stopped along the way to watch a woodpecker go to work. We wondered how in the world that little bird can bang its head against the tree without a concussion.

We continued on our hike, up a hill and we exited out of the wooded area. We came upon an open field area with a panorama of mountains around us. We continued traversing along the edge of the wooded and open plains area. After about half a mile, we came upon a small structure. We figured out what it was from speaking with the property manager previously. The owners of the land are building an off-grid cabin type facility. This was it. We walked around and examined it before we headed on.

We climbed down the other side of the hill, down through evergreens to a rocky pathway. Mama Nomad and I continued down this rocky pathway until we came upon an open field next to the river. The field was filled with cows grazing.

We headed on over to the river because we heard fast-moving water. As we approached, we saw some swings (board and rope) mounted on the trees at the river’s edge. Mama Nomad and I hopped into the swings and took a load off after an afternoon of hiking. Swinging and listening to the river and you can forget everything else that is going on in your life. It was quite peaceful.

After our riverside stop at the swings, we packed up and headed back to homebase. As we headed back, we saw a small family of deer in a clearing. They were just meandering along, without a care in the world, just grazing. It was a sight that we had to just stop and enjoy. After this, we hit the river’s edge and then back to the house. Next time, we explore the river’s edge in the other direction. Stay tuned. Safe Travels.

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