El Diablo Burritos

P7120086On mine and Mama Nomad’s 18th Anniversary Celebration, we visited Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The day was a blast! When we finished exploring the Riverfront in Wilmington, The Nomads had all grown hungry with a hefty appetite. So, before we went to Philadelphia, we decided to refuel our bodies.

We pulled out Yelp, an indispensable app, and began to search for places near us. One, in particular, caught our eye. It had one dollar sign and 4.5 stars. It is called El Diablo Burritos. We wanted to see the menu, but there was none on Yelp. So, we went to their website at http://www.ElDiabloBurritos.com/. This link forwarded us to their Facebook page. There was no menu to be found but there were reviews. One, in particular, caught my attention. It stated “Have you ever had an Angel fart mini edible unicorns surfing on rainbows into your mouth? No? Then you have never experienced an el Diablo burrito.” This combined together with the Yelp pix and I was sold.

We weren’t too far from where began our Yelp search. Within less than 10 minutes we were parked in front of El Diablo Burritos. It is located in Trolley Square (13A). From the outside, honestly, nothing really screamed “come in and eat here!” But, it didn’t look crowded, so we proceeded.

We were met with up beat and personable staff immediately asking us “what can we get ya?” We were unaware how to order, so we let the couple behind us go. Within a few minutes it was explained to us. It is kind of like ordering at Chipotle. While ordering I saw a chalk drawing on the wall and knew we were meant to eat here. It said “I rarely end up where I intended to go, but I often end up somewhere I needed to be.” Some of us ordered burritos, others ordered burrito bowls and one ordered a salad.

We were extremely surprised at the size of the portions! They were rather ample. I thought, “if this is so big, the quality must be lacking.” Nope! Not at all. We sat down and all of us remarked as to how delicious our food was. It was truly great! Not a single one of us had a complaint. To top it all off, it was about $40! That was to fill a hungry family of 5 to the point of being stuffed! Here is a link to their menu.

Quality of Food: 5 | Service: 5 | Price: 5 | Overall Value: 5

The staff was friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was easy-going and relaxing. The food was absolutely delicious and the price was very reasonable. If we are ever in the area again, we have a go to spot to eat. If you are in the area, I recommend stopping in and giving them a try. Safe Travels.

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