Dundee Diner

Dundee DinerMama Nomad and I were on our way back from an errand, we were far from home base and hungry. We pulled into a parking lot, in all actuality to pull over and get our bearings. It just so happened that there was a diner in that parking lot. I asked “want to try this place?” Mama Nomad said “sure.” And a new visit was born.

The name of the place was the Dundee Diner. The outside was fairly nondescript and did not call much attention to it. I am glad that we do not pay attention to the outside of places to make our decisions. Actually, we prefer these little nondescript places.

Dundee Diner 2We walked in and were seated promptly. Our server, whose birthday it was, was very cheerful and attentive. I asked about the specials and she rattled them off like it was second nature.

Mama Nomad and I ordered from the menu and, let me tell you, the food was delivered quick, hot and it was delicious. We really enjoyed this little place. Their service was friendly, their food was good tasting and their prices were reasonable. I give it a solid 4 out of 5.  We recommend it to others who are in the area.

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