Downtown Asheville

After Christmas and before the New Year, we visited Historic Downtown Asheville, North Carolina to explore the 1.7 mile Urban Trail. This trail leads you through the downtown streets of Asheville showing you its history and its past. There are about 30 stops, complete with markers, sculptures, landmarks and more. The following are the stops on the trail.

  1. Pack Square
  2. Crossroads
  3. Stepping Out
  4. O’Henry
  5. Immortal Image
  6. Elizabeth Blackwell
  7. Art Deco
  8. Flat Iron Architecture
  9. Cat Walk
  10. Grove’s Vision
  11. Historic Hilltop
  12. Guastavino’s Monument
  13. Appalachian Stage
  14. Shopping Daze
  15. Marketplace
  16. Legacy of Design
  17. Woodfin House
  18. Wolfe’s Neighborhood
  19. Dixieland
  20. Curtain Calls
  21. On the Move
  22. Civic Pride
  23. Past and Promise
  24. Man and Mountain
  25. Ellingtons Dream
  26. Time Remembered
  27. Monument Corner
  28. Brick Artisan
  29. The Block
  30. Hotel District

I would suggest that, if you decide to explore the Urban Trail and want to see all 30 stops, you should print out the map and carry it with you.

We, Nomads, did what we characteristically do. We began with a map and then blazed our own trail. We saw items on the trail list and other surprise occurrences that were not on the map or brochure. Let me say that this was a mix of urban art and entertainment, complete with live street music, and old world architecture on many buildings up and down many streets.

This is an exploration journey that you should allot an entire day to. I am including images of some of our most liked sights and attractions. Just note, for all the imagery we show, there is more than double that we did not see or include. Safe Travels.

Pack Square

Patton Ave

Wall St and Page Avenue

Haywood St

Market St and Government Complex

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