Devils Hopyard

The Nomads visited the Devils Hopyard State Park and were greeted by wondrous colors of leaves, a beautiful waterfall, a covered bridge, and plenty of ground to hike. Upon taking in all the scenery, we discovered something interesting on the map. Side note for people who want to go to the Devils Hopyard State Park in the future: The map was slightly confusing; so if you or someone in your group is good at reading maps, you should be fine, but if you or anyone in your group doesn’t have the slightest clue how to read maps, then you may have a tougher time finding your way around. We discovered the Devils Oven. It sounded spooky and interesting so we had to check it out!

Once we got finished taking pictures of a waterfall, we did some exploring (Another side note: There are painted markers on some of the trees that are nearby to the trails that are supposed to tell you the different directions that you are supposed to go, but, seeing that just about all of the markers were faded, it got a little confusing.) Then, through much hiking, slipping, climbing, a little confused map and tree marker following, we finally reached the Devil’s Oven, which was on a very steep and high hill; so if you are not capable of climbing inclines that are almost vertical, this particular hike is not for you.

After we had gotten our pictures of and in the oven, it was time to start the treacherous hike back down the hill; once, we reached the bottom, we made our way back to our car, and that was the end of our journey to the Devils Hopyard.

About Ethan

The middle son of the family, at 15. Ethan loves to spend time with his family and his friends, as well as do magic, draw, watch TV, play video games and explore outdoors. He loves all kinds of animals, but especially wolves. Ethan is currently considering modeling as a direction in life.

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