Chillin’ Out Ice Cream – Kissimmee Area

Chillin Out Ice CreamAs we were driving around, we noticed this big ice cream scoop looking building. It was hot. We were snacky. Perfect fit. We decided to pull into Chillin’ Out Ice Cream at 1410 E Osceola Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL. The place looked simple and plain enough. We found out later that this was not the case, more on that later. We looked at the menu, walked up to the window, rang the bell and ordered an item that was on special; a butter pecan praline caramel crunch. We did not expect much from the unassuming outside of the building. This is a classic case of “do not judge a book by its cover.” We received the order and it was delicious. It as almost too sweet and rich for me. Mandy thoroughly enjoyed  it. This wasPecan Praline Ice Cream one case where the menu picture was worse, not better, than the delivered product. They really should use our image for their menu, Take a look…

We sat down outside an enjoyed our order. It was $5 per cup and completely worth it. As we sat down, we began to notice signs. They were normal looking signs, which is why it took us longer to notice. Clearly this proprietor has liberty minded views and we enjoyed his signage. If the family is in the area again, we will frequent this establishment again. I give it 4.5 stars. Lower the price just a bit and it would hit 5 stars for a great product, good price and added entertainment value.

I will leave you with samples of his actual signage.


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