Celebration Florida – A Disney Planned City

Celebration Manhole CoverDid you know that The Walt Disney Company developed a master-planned community? No, I do not mean the make-believe one for cartoon and movie characters called Walt Disney World. I am referring to an actual master-planned community for real people.

I had no idea that it existed. Mandy “Mama Nomad” found it. We were driving down the road and she saw an advertisement for Oktoberfest. So, she did what she does and looked into it. Low and behold, the Oktoberfest celebration was being held in Celebration, Florida.

Celebration, Florida is a master-planned community originally developed by The Walt Disney Company. It is located in close proximity to Walt Disney World and their resorts. There is actually one road, World Drive that directly connects the town to Magic Kingdom.

With a population of between 7,000 and 8,000 people, it is a quaint little town. It has an old town type feel. the buildings were bright, the architecture was unique, the streets were pretty clean and there was an overall feeling of being safe while walking their streets.

Celebration Lake

Right next to downtown is a lake with businesses that run along its shores on the other side of the frontage road. There are nice sidewalks for a leisurely stroll and ample parking in multiple spots. The city promotes electric carts as a mode of transportation and even puts up signs for their special parking.

We walked around the lake and one of our boys pointed out a baby gator. This was followed with comments of how cute it was. I replied with a word of caution, “Where there are baby gators,  there are full-grown ones.” I will admit though, the little sucker was cute.

We walked the town & took in the sights of the lake, the fountain in the center of town, the unique post office and the general architectural as well as landscaped beauty. If you are looking for a leisurely stroll,  without the crowds, nice views and friendly people, take a moment to check out Celebration, Florida. Tell them The Nomads from LivingNomadStyle.com sent you.

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