Arrived In Virginia

Welcome To The RiverThe Nomads have arrived in Virginia. As Mama Nomad stated in her post, we will be calling this home for the next 3 months or so.

Our time in Western North Carolina was mostly spent in rural, mountainous hiking and exploration. Sure, we had our share of urban exploration. But, a vast majority was outdoor rural. In Virginia, I am anticipating a good mix of both rural and urban explorations. Afterall, our homebase is in the Shenandoah River Valley. We are surrounded by mountains with the Shenandoah River literally in our back yard. On the flip side, Washington DC is a mere 2 hours away, with Fredericksburg, Richmond and other metropolises within the same range.

Our homebase is situated on a portion of a 200 acre farm in the Shenandoah River Valley. It dates back to an original land grant from the King of England.

It is a 2-story home that can sleep twelve and is beautifully decorated with a historical Americana theme. There are rocking chairs on both porches. One overlooks a big red barn on the farm and the other overlooks the river. The yard  even has a big oak tree with a rope swing.

We are an outdoor loving family. However, when we are indoors, we love our electronic entertainment. And, as I posted previously, we use Netflix and Hulu quite a bit. This means that we must rely upon a fast and reliable internet connection. that encompasses our entertainment as well as my requirement for being able to work remotely. This homebase has an extremely fast and reliable internet connection which makes life much, much easier, including the ability to upload images and vids quicker.

The Nomads are really looking forward to our stay here in Virginia. We anticipate a great deal of exploration in the area. If any of you have “must see” suggestions while we are in the area, please comment or send us a message and let us know. Safe Travels.

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The patriarch of the family and Daddy Nomad. Chase loves spending time with his family, traveling, outdoor activities, good movies and TV shows, business and creative projects. He is an entrepreneurial businessman and investor who specializes in international business strategy and tactics.
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