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Alexa is used as a measuring stick in the world of websites to determine what your rank is in the world. This is essentially your Alexa Ranking. Since is a website, one that we publish posts to help and inspire other travelers and would be travelers, I was curious what our Alexa Ranking was.

First I wanted to determine how many websites there were in the world. Because, really, what good is a position in ranking if you do not know the scope. If you are 9th place out of 10, that is fairly low in ranking. If you are 9th place out of 1000, now we are talking. That means you are in the top 1%.

With a few Bing searches I found my answer. As an aside, the Bing link is an invitation to join Bing. You earn points that you can trade in for gift cards and we use it for Hulu subscription credit. If you are curious, check out the Cut Your Cable Bill post we wrote. Getting back on topic, after a few Bing searches, I found my answer.

Netcraft, an internet services company from England, conducted a survey in February of 2015 that produced the following results. It stated that there were responses from 883,419,935 websites from around the world. You read that correctly, almost 900 million websites in the world. That is a huge scope. Think about it, even if your rank was 400 millionth, you would still be in the upper 50 percentile. You can read their full survey here if you are interested.

Now that I had my scope, I was ready to head over to Alexa and pull our ranking. I have maintained websites before that were just a passion, with no plan for promotion. I checked their Alexa rating and it would come back with “We don’t have enough data to rank this website.” So, I was prepared for a similar response since we were not specifically pushing to get high rankings or notoriety.

I started by quenching my curiosity as to who were the highest ranked. Checking with Alexa, the top ten sites in the world are, in order from 1 to 10:


Most of the ones on the list were of no surprise. However, much to my true surprise, actually had a ranking. We are ranked 5,949,575 out of  883,419,935. Sure, there are 5,949,574 websites ranked higher than us. But, to have the site up for 7 months and be in the top 1% of websites in the world, I find that to be something to be proud of.

So, today we celebrate being number 5,949,575th out of 883,419,935! Hooray! Thank you to every single one of you who support us. We sincerely appreciate it. Safe Travels.

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