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Prop PlaneI recently took a trip to meet with a client in Denver. I had to leave from a regional airport. This caused me to have to change planes at an international airport before flying to my final destination. The total trip was only a couple of days long so I did not have to check any baggage.

All in all it was a fairly smooth trip there and back.

However, when I arrived in Denver and was contacting my client to pick me up, I remembered a time-saving airport travel tip that I learned when we lived in Naples, Florida. That was before we were official Nomads and I had to fly fairly frequently for business.

When Mama Nomad would drop me off at the airport, she would drop me off at Departures, like almost Denver Airporteveryone else does. The travel tip comes in on the arrival part. She would wait for me in the Cell Phone Lot. Many people are aware of their existence and it will save you from having to pay for parking.

Now, after I arrived at the airport, I grabbed my bags and I headed to Departures. Yes, you read that correctly. I headed to Departures and Mama Nomad would pick me up there. Why? Well, there are not very many times when there is a crowd of people departing at exactly the same time. So the Departures are commonly fairly uncrowded. Conversely, when you arrive, you and everyone on your plane, up to a few hundred people, are all dashing to get bags and head to Arrivals all at the same time to be picked up. You are stuck in a crowd of Rocky Mountainsbags and people and your ride has to fight other cars.

If you go to Departures when you arrive and have your ride pick you up there, you avoid the crowds of people and bags. Additionally, your ride does not have to fight for a parking space to allow you to load your bags and yourself. So, in the future, when you have to fly, have your ride pick you up in Departures and save yourself a headache. Safe Travels.

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