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Ford Explorer WindshieldWith all of the traveling that we do, vehicle maintenance is imperative. We commonly wait until we are in an area where repair places are walking distance or when we are near friends and family so that we can still have transportation. While in SW Missouri, we went through our round of maintenance of oil changes, brake checks, fluid checks, leaks, tires, etc. This is about our windshield replacement experience.

When the Nomads were going back to Texas from New Orleans, Louisiana (this was December 2013 before embarking on our Nomadic Life) a large truck shot a rock up, hit our windshield and caused a crack. When we got back to Texas we asked the Department of Motor Vehicles, “What is the process to get replacement registration stickers for our windshield?” Their answer, “Pay for registration again.”

Paying for registration when we had a valid registration was not something we were willing to do. So, we decided to drive with a crack in the windshield until we needed to register the vehicle again. The crack did not leak or obstruct the driver’s view, so it was no big deal. That was about a year ago.

While in SW Missouri, one of our objectives was to register the vehicle here and utilize Missouri as a permanent residence for registration and mailing address. As such, it was time to get the windshield fixed since we were preparing to register it.

We looked all around for companies to replace the windshield. We ultimately settled on Safelite AutoGlass. They were flexible on options (they would come to us), their prices were reasonable (we found a $20 off coupon online) and their coverage for service was national (as Nomads, that is a must).

Jeff, from Safelite, called me before he came and showed up on time. He worked unattended in the drive way and replaced the windshield in about an hour. He was proficient, efficient and courteous. I was very pleased. But, this is not the main reason I am writing about this.

While fixing the windshield, Jeff placed pressure on the cowl (the plastic that covers the bottom part of the windshield as well as the motorized parts of the windshield wipers) and it broke. The cowl has many ridges and a hand-sized hole was placed in the ridges. This is why I am writing about this. A company is truly tested when they have to deal with mistakes they make. Will they fix it or try to make excuses.

Jeff got me after everything was finished, allowed me to be happy about the replacement and then called my attention to the accident with the cowl. He said that he would talk to his manager and that Safelite would make it right by replacing the affected piece. He gave me my receipt, his manager’s number and went on his way.

Ford Explorer CowlThe next day Jeff called me to tell me his manager ordered the replacement part and he (Jeff) would be back in a few days to replace it at no charge. This morning Jeff called and said he was on his way with the cowl. He arrived at the allotted time and got to work.

After Jeff finished, about 15 minutes later, he came and got me to come and sign off on his work. The Ford Explorer has 2 cowls, a left and right side. Jeff showed me that his manager ordered both cowls and he replaced them both in order to have consistency in color and in the integrity of the cowls. I never expected both of them to be replaced. But, they replaced them both and at no additional labor charge!

They not only repaired the accident but they went above and beyond the perceived expectations. This accident, that was caused by Jeff, has likely bought Safelite a client for life. I am hopeful that all Safelites are similar in nature with service. If not, at least the one in Springfield, Missouri is top-notch. Safe Travels.

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