William Rockhill Nelson Gallery Of Art

While we were in Missouri (March 2016), we were invited to a family get together up near the Kansas City, Missouri area. Mama Nomad’s Aunts, Uncles and Cousins came from all over to see us. As with many big family get togethers, there was a lot of food, stories, laughter and a nap (yep…I got comfortable and napped in a comfy recliner).

We saw family that we had not seen in a long time; babies were walking and kids were driving age. Talk about making someone feel old. Wow does time fly! We had a wonderful time, as we commonly due at these types of family gatherings.

While in the Kansas City area, we could not pass up the opportunity to check out some quirky things that were on our list, namely the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art also known as The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Someone probably made a big contribution and they changed the name. I am just going to call it the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery is located near the Kansas City Art Institute at . Museum Admission is free but some exhibits do have a fee. Parking is $8. But there is also parking on the street for free.

We headed into Downtown Kansas City to check it out. The peculiarities that were on our list were all outside, so we never ventured into the actual museum. We parked on the street on the west side of the property on Oak Street.

I cannot honestly tell you what all of the sculptures and art are called. There were birdies (badminton shuttlecocks) that were 20 feet tall. We also saw wooden totem poles, The Thinker, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as well as bronze and metal sculptures of people with and without heads and other miscellaneous items you simply had to use your imagination to figure out.

We did find a glass labyrinth on the property. Be careful going through it. If they just cleaned the glass, you may bonk your face on the glass. This labyrinth was overshadowed by a big metal tree on the hill and next to a long spanse of grass and shrubbery.

This place was a treasure trove of the odd and quirky. It fit right in with our Roadside America preferences. It was worth the trip. And, if we find ourselves in Kansas City again, hey…we might just go inside next time. Safe Travels.

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