Twisted Laurel

While we were in Downtown Asheville after Christmas, we passed by many different restaurants. We were too focused on the sites to even think about hunger. However, after the sun began to set, the street lights began to come on and we were finishing our exploration of sights, hunger began to set upon us.

We were near the government complex (County Courthouse and City Hall) at the end of Pack Square when this occurred. We collectively sniffed the air and an aroma called to us. We literally followed our noses and it took us in the direction of Twisted Laurel. I am not sure if this was the place where the aroma originated, there are so many fine eateries in the area, but this one won our vote.

As we stood outside we could not figure out whether to go up the outside stairs or in through the ground floor door. We walked all day long, so our tiredness won and we entered through the ground floor door. We were greeted warmly by Aaron and shown to our corner booth seat. As luck would have it, Aaron was also our server.

The Twisted Laurel menu intrigued us. It had a mix of Greek and Italian offerings as well as some American cuisine with Greek or Italian influences. With us not eating all day, everything looked good.

Quality of Food – 3
We wanted an appetizer as we were too hungry to wait for our entrées so we decided on the Twisted Trio: fried pepperoni, pilsner beer cheese bites and a baked super pretzel. We realized that we prefer regular pepperoni to the fried variety. The super pretzel was very salty. However, most are. We keep looking for that one that has a good balance on the saltiness. The cheese bites were scrumptious, especially in the honey mustard dipping sauce and the Greek Salads were delicious.

As for our entrees, the items that got the highest ratings in our group were the Greek Meatballs and the Peloponnesian Spaghetti. One of our Nomads felt ill after their entrée and another was disappointed by the flavor of theirs. The fifth Nomad gave their entrée and average grade. If I went back, the Greek Meatballs would be the entrée of choice.

Service – 5
The service we received was excellent. Our appetizers and our entrees were prepared quickly. Aaron kept our waters full and table cleared the entire time. In addition he was very personable. The rest of the staff seemed to pitch in and help Aaron out. They seemed to work as a team and were all cordial.

Price – 4
The Twisted Laurel has an updated trendy look to it. You would expect the price to be high just based on the decorations. However, we had ample portions of food, appetizers and entrees and the bill came to under $65 for a family of five. It was easy to give them a solid 4 for the price.

Overall Value – 4
The overall value for Twisted Laurel was a 4. The menu was creative and we had high hopes for it. The overall average for the food quality was average. But the service was fantastic and the price was very reasonable. If we lived in the area, we would likely give them a second chance on the food quality because of our other two measurement factors. If food quality is your number one measurement, we feel that some will like the menu and others will not. But, if price and service rate higher for you, give them a try.

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