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Ethan - Bench PressToday Ethan (middle son) and I checked out the gym on the grounds. It is about a block from the townhouse and adjacent to the pool.

The gym was clean, quiet and honestly did not have the typical gym smells. In addition, it was completely empty. I ran Ethan through all of the machines so he would get a good understanding of how to use them all. The gym has zero free weights. All exercise equipment was machines. So, needless to say, I had to adjust my workout routine as I am mostly a free weight kind of guy.

The gym did have a good selection of machines.

  • TreadmillsChase - Flye
  • Ellipticals
  • Stationary bikes
  • Bench press with incline capability
  • Ab crunch and back extension
  • Bicep curl and tricep press
  • Lat pull down and lat row
  • Leg curl and extension
  • Leg press and calf extension
  • Muti-machine with about 10 different exercises

It is the perfect gym for someone trying to keep fit, not for accelerated muscle growth. However, this is a vacation-type facility. And most people on vacation who would exercise are likely wanting to maintain rather than build; or stay toned instead of letting the flab creep.

It is going to be interesting working out here for the next few months. All in all, it is a fairly nice gym.

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