This Can Not Be Good For Your Eyes

We made our first (of many, I’m sure) trip to NYC last weekend. It ended up being an unplanned recon mission to get our feet wet, and help plan future trips. Expect to see posts about NY travel in the coming weeks, and months.

Out of the 5 Nomads, Daddy Nomad was the only one who had been there before. The rest of us (mostly me) were slightly overwhelmed with all there is to see. There were a lot of “Oooooos” and “Ahhhhhs” in the car (again, mostly me). I think the biggest (and collective) WOW moment was when Times Square came into view.

Once the immediate WOW died down, the middle Nomad son piped up, “This can not be good for your eyes.” Always the logical one. Always. Just like his dad.

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The First Lady of the family and Mama Nomad. Mandy loves to spend time with her family, travel, explore and read. She is the primary daily educator and overall household manager. Mandy is credited with being the inspiration behind venturing into this Nomadic Lifestyle.
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