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Following our tour of the World of Chocolate Museum and after some additional exploration up and down The PubInternational Drive in Orlando, we began to get hungry. We pulled into Pointe Orlando. It had many different food places to choose from as well as other outlets for various shopping related items. At this point, we did not care anything about the shopping places. We were beginning to get primal…ugh…me hungry…food now!

After traversing up and down steps, up one sidewalk and down another we finally settled on a place called The Pub.


The Pub - Over The BarThis restaurant is British inspired with a clearly American presentation and promotion. They served British, Scottish, Irish and American food as well as a plethora of different beers: lagers, ales, etc. We walk in the front door and we are met with men and women in kilts. They all sported t-shirts that had The Pub logo on it. The entire place was designed in old world style hardwood with new age flat screens adorning every wall. The British Flag was painted on the ceiling and there are posters of movies, entertainers and other British related images everywhere.

We were sat down and promptly met by our server, Kara. She was very courteous. It amazed me that she took our entire order without paper or pen. We ordered some Scottish Eggs and Young’s BBQ Crisps as appetizers. Scottish Eggs are hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage & parmesan bread crumbs, fried, garnished with our Pub mustard. Young’s BBQ Crisps are house-made crisps loaded with cheddar, bacon, scallions & Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ sauce. They were both delicious. The Scottish Eggs were the second best ones I have tried. I have a personal mission to find the best Scottish Eggs made. We, Mandy and I, enjoyed them with a frosty glass of Belhaven Scottish Ale.

While we enjoyed our appetizers, Kara did what we believe all good servers should do, kept our glasses of water filled to the brim at all times. It wasn’t very long before our food was served. Ethan and I ordered the Classic Fish and Chips. It was scrumptious and quite filling. They served it with a side of cole slaw, which was quite good. And, to show their British and American sides, they served both Malt Vinegar and Tartar Sauce. Trevor had the Classic Pub Burger with the Young’s BBQ add-on: brioche bun, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ sauce, Guinness onions, cheddar, peppered bacon. Mandy and Noah ordered the Smoked Gouda and Chicken Pasta: grilled chicken, bacon, broccoli, red pepper, green onion, smoked gouda cream sauce, parmesan cheese. The portions for all food were large. However, we were also very famished. Needless to say, there were no leftovers. All in all, I would rate this place a 4 out of 5.

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