The House On White Squirrel Hill

As many of you have read, we had a fantastic stay in North Carolina. When we weren’t out on adventures hiking, and/or exploring, we were at “home.” While we stayed in Hhouseendersonville, our home base was a cute house on what is called White Squirrel Hill. Staying here, I had no trouble at all making myself at home, and I think that’s because it feels like a “real” home. When you walk in, it just feels homey, and comfortable. There are personal touches throughout that make you feel like you’ve come to spend a few nights at Grandma’s house. It is actually the childhood home, and where one of the owners, Christy, grew up. The love, and care for this home shines through. We were there during Christmas time, and the added touch of holiday decorations was a big bonus.

The house is situated on 2 acres of land, plenty of yard for our Nomad kiddos to have some fun. Outside there was also a basketball goal that was used on many nice days. The garage houses a ping pong table (table tennis, as the eldest Nomad son calls it) where we spent hours having fun playing, and challenging each other.The neighborhood is small, and quiet; without much traffic, and the amount of hills made for some great cardio workouts. Even though there are neighbors, it still felt private, as well as safe.

Everything you cohouse2uld possibly require on a visit, is already there. Both bathrooms are stocked with every essential; even new combs, and toothbrushes. There are plenty of blankets, and sheets for the comfortable beds, which we all slept well on. The kitchen is fully stocked, and I do mean fully. Whether you’re cooking a small meal or preparing a large family dinner, you’re taken care of in the kitchen department. Staying at this house, and showing up with only your clothes, is not a problem. Ray, and Christy have thought of everything else for you; as well as provided it.

I would have no problem recommending this house to family, friends, strangers, or anyone who asked me where they should stay in Western North Carolina. Not only is the house great, but the owners are amazing. They are literally a phone call or text away, and I feel they put their visitors first. An example of that is right after New Year’s, a handle on one of the toilets broke. We immediately called to leave Christy a message about it. Not that we were that bothered by it; it still worked, and we also had another perfectly working toilet, but we wanted them to know right away. We heard back from Christy’s husband, Ray, within the hour, and he was right over to fix it. All of this happened while Christy was in the hospital with an infection. They wouldn’t even hear of putting it off to fix til a later time; we came first, and it showed. I can’t say enough kind things about Ray and Christy. Like I said, the house is great, but the owners are amazing.

So, if you followed our adventures in North Carolina (and a dip into South Carolina because you’re only a half hour from there, too), have been reading our posts about all the amazing places that we visited there, and have decided that you must make a visit; take my advice, contact Christy at (use Property ID 251933 in the search box), and stay at her lovely home. Tell her The Nomads from Living Nomad Style sent you. Oh yeah, when you get to the house, don’t forget to read over the guest book, and see how much other people have loved this place; leave your own message, too.

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The First Lady of the family and Mama Nomad. Mandy loves to spend time with her family, travel, explore and read. She is the primary daily educator and overall household manager. Mandy is credited with being the inspiration behind venturing into this Nomadic Lifestyle.
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  1. I just started following your journey. My husband and I were nomads for a couple of months before we had kids but we talk about doing it again sometime in the future. But am unsure with kiddos now. How long do you typically stay in each place?
    Angela @ Stepping into Motherhood

    • Angela – Thank you for following our journey. We appreciate the support. We actually chose to do this because of our kids. We wanted them to experience life instead of reading about it. We know this isn’t for everyone. But, it can work with kiddos. We commonly stay between 6 weeks and 3 months in one place. Please feel free to contact us and ask any more questions you may have. Safe Travels.

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