Thanksgiving 2016

We just spent our 3rd Thanksgiving as Nomads. The first year we were in Georgia and spent Thanksgiving with our family in the area. The second year we were in Connecticut. And this year you will find us celebrating Thanksgiving 2016 in the Pacific Northwest State of Oregon.

This year, two days before Thanksgiving, the Nomad Men went out and braved the crowds, lines and crazy Thanksgiving Shoppers to hunt and gather the list of items Mama Nomad had given us. After about 4 hours and 4 grocery stores later, we had everything on the list. The day before Thanksgiving, Mama Nomad began to chop, mix, stir and all manner of movement to prepare our wonderful feast for Thanksgiving. I think that we are going to make this an annual tradition where the boys and I get the food and Mama Nomad does the preparation. That is, except for the turkey. I take care of that responsibility.

Thanksgiving Eve we had everything prepared and in their containers ready for the oven the next day. Thanksgiving morning rolled around and Mama Nomad decided that we would have fresh cranberry sauce this year. We had never done that before. She liked the jellied kind in the can. But it is almost impossible to find that kind without high fructose corn syrup in it. So, the youngest Nomad (Trevor) and I journeyed to the grocery store to seek out and capture a container of the elusive fresh cranberries. Within moments of entering the store, Trevor spotted them. We grabbed them, paid and ran back to Ebony.

We made it back to home base and we could smell the food before we got to the front door. Fast forward a few hours and we were ready to eat at 2pm with all of our family favorites, including a new one: fresh cranberry sauce.

After we ate, we continued our tradition of saying what we were thankful for. Everyone, without reservation, gave thanks for Mama Nomad’s efforts in organizing our meals and making it all. I was also thankful for the health of my family and for their unwavering support of me. Being an entrepreneur, business man and investor, as well as a Nomad can cause ones lifestyle to be…a little different. I could not do it all without the support of my family.

Finally, we, The Nomads, are thankful for all of you; our readers, supporters and fellow travelers. We are part of such a vibrant and supportive global community and we are thankful for each of you.

We recommend that you take time and be thankful for something each day. We also hope that you will, at least, take today and acknowledge that which you are thankful for. From our family of Nomads to yours, Happy Thanksgiving 2016! Safe Travels.


About Chase

The patriarch of the family and Daddy Nomad. Chase loves spending time with his family, traveling, outdoor activities, good movies and TV shows, business and creative projects. He is an entrepreneurial businessman and investor who specializes in international business strategy and tactics.

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