Taking The Sights For Granted

In each place that we move to, without exception, we find new and unique sights to see, things to do and places to explore. Each place commonly has a mix of well-recognized and visited places as well as less known and less visited places. One thing that Mama Nomad and I have been noticing, across the board regardless of locale, is that many of the locals are taking the sights for granted.

Before we sold everything and began Living Nomad Style, we still moved every year and a half or so. In our moving and our travels, we explore the area. When I say explore, I mean that Mama Nomad and I will get in Ebony and drive up and down streets to discover things on our own as well as drop in to the visitor center and see what they have to offer.

I can say with 100% certainty that in many of the places we go, we speak with people who have “lived there all their lives” or have “lived there most of their lives.” And most of these people have not heard of, much less visited, some of the sights and attractions that we easily came upon, discovered or read about in the local visitor center.

I still remember when we lived in Naples, Florida. We did our customary driving up and down all the major streets and then driving down many side streets. This led us to drive down the coastline next to the beach. We took Gulf Shore Blvd south and it ended at 20th avenue as it turned onto Gordon Dr.  If you keep driving south, you will come across mansion after mansion. Most would think that this is all residential and there is no further beach access.

Naples Beach Parking

Here is a Nomad tip for you. Keep driving! You will come to 32nd and 33rd streets about a mile or so down the road. Not many people, including locals, even know there are streets down there. Most of the time there are parking spots and there are also showers to rinse your feet and gear. We had a family friend that “lived there all their life” and never knew this little secret existed.

Here in the mountains of North Carolina, there are plenty of waterfalls, rock structures, museums and more to see. Mama Nomad was speaking with one native who has “lived here all their life” and they were not even aware that the city they lived in, population 13,000, had a visitor center. Additionally, they were unaware of places like Jump Off Rock just a few miles from downtown.

Our country has so many beautiful attractions and historical places to visit right in our own backyards that it simply astounds me when people do not visit them. Further, I am bewildered when we are told that a locale has nothing to see or do. For example, we were told, when we lived in Austin, that there was no culture so this particular person went to San Antonio for culture related items. We inquired if they visited the murals around town, the museum in town, the historical buildings, and many more sites. They had absolutely no idea that these places even existed!

So, to all of our readers who wish to go out and experience adventure, my first suggestion is to look in your own backyard first. You may just fine some fantastic gems worth seeing. Safe Travels.

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