Utah Hiking Home Base

When looking for a home base in Southern Utah, there were a lot of factors we had to take into consideration. There were so many places we wanted to hike in the area, plus we wanted to go to Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, after searching high and… Continue reading

Kolob Canyon

Many people have heard of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park. However, here is something not everyone is aware of. Did you know that Zion National Park is divided into two main sections, as it pertains to access by road? That is correct. Most of the population enter Zion National… Continue reading

Zion National Park

One of the biggest attractions for us to visit and hike while in Southern Utah was Zion National Park. You want to know something funny. Until Mama Nomad told me about it, I did not even know it existed. Why is that funny? Well, because the park has more than… Continue reading

Mesa Road

As we travel around the US, we really enjoy engaging in conversation with natives so that like to explore their local area. We have found that we can uncover some gems that are not on travel guides or top 10 spots. But, they deliver great value and enjoyment. We recently came across… Continue reading