Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 is our 4th year celebrating Thanksgiving as Nomads. The first year we were in Georgia and spent Thanksgiving with our family in the area. The second year we were in Connecticut. The third year we were in Oregon. And this year, we are on the Emerald Coast on the Panhandle of Florida.… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2016

We just spent our 3rd Thanksgiving as Nomads. The first year we were in Georgia and spent Thanksgiving with our family in the area. The second year we were in Connecticut. And this year you will find us celebrating Thanksgiving 2016 in the Pacific Northwest State of Oregon. This year,… Continue reading

Mystic Christmas Boat Parade

The weekend right after Thanksgiving 2015, we learned that there was a lighted boat parade in Mystic, Connecticut. Lighted boat parade? We had no idea what that was. We assumed it was like a regular parade with floats, except this time the floats actually floated. So, off we went to… Continue reading

Shire Sharing

While we are in the Northeast of the USA, we wanted to visit every state in New England. And, before last weekend (November 21 and 22), we had visited and explored 4 out of the 6 New England States. So, of course, we had to visit the other 2; New… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015

It is that time of year again. The day when we get together, stuff ourselves with delicious turkey, sides and desserts. A day that commemorates the harvest feast of 1621. That’s right. It is Thanksgiving 2015. For some this holiday is all about the food. To others it is about… Continue reading