Book Signing At The Springfield Barnes And Noble

As many of you know, the eldest Nomad Son is a professional writer, literary consultant and published author. He has a few short stories available, is working on companion series to his original book and then he has, as mentioned, his published novel called Legend Land. We have been in … Continue reading

Bagwell Lights

The Nomads really enjoy driving around and seeing Christmas lights; especially the ones that are set to music and are animated. While we were in SW Missouri, we took a drive to Springfield to check out the Bagwell Lights at  2008 E Cambridge St, Springfield, MO 65804. The Bagwell Lights are … Continue reading

Mijuri Sushi & Grill

Every time Mama Nomad and I visit the Springfield, Missouri area, we stop at Mijuri Sushi & Grill  at 2710 S Campbell Ave. We have been frequenting this place almost since it opened back in 2006. We have enjoyed many a lunch and dinner by ourselves, with friends and even utilized … Continue reading