Happy 20th Birthday Noah

Today is a landmark day for The Nomad household. Our eldest Nomad Son turned 20. Happy 20th Birthday Noah! Why is it a landmark day? Because our eldest son is no longer a teenager. No longer a teenager. It is hard to believe that Mama Nomad and I have a… Continue reading

Happy 19th Birthday Noah

It is hard to believe that 19 years ago I became a Dad for the first time. That was the day that my eldest son was born. Now, 19 years later, my first born is no longer a baby. He has matured into a fine young man that any parent… Continue reading

Noah Spoke At The Library

As many of you know, our Eldest Nomad Son, Noah, is a published teen author. He debuted with an action fantasy novel called Legend Land. Since the novel came out, he has been a very busy young man with his launch party, book selling events, marketing, conversion of his book… Continue reading

Congraduations Noah

It is that time of year. When the school year is coming to an end, those who are still in school are going on summer vacation and another round of hopeful seniors finish high school and graduate. As many of you know, we have home schooled two of our little… Continue reading

Launch Party

As I stated in our post Back In The Swing Of Things, we were in Missouri to do a great many personal administrative things like taxes, drivers licenses, new vehicle, etc. One thing we did, that had nothing to do with our annual personal admin tasks was to have a… Continue reading

Happy 18th Birthday Noah

Today our eldest Nomad son became a legal adult. I am not talking about him having to pay full price for the buffet, Disney World or the movies. No. He is now 18 years old. In the United States of America, that makes him a legal adult. Oh my world…look… Continue reading