Book Signing At The Springfield Barnes And Noble

As many of you know, the eldest Nomad Son is a professional writer, literary consultant and published author. He has a few short stories available, is working on companion series to his original book and then he has, as mentioned, his published novel called Legend Land. We have been in… Continue reading

Left To Chance

Some decisions should be left to chance. – Noah Barfield Continue reading

Noah Is Being Published

Hello all of our Living Nomad Style supporters, fans and friends. Noah is being published! Yep! Our eldest Nomad son is going to be a published author! At 16 he finished writing his first novel, Legend Land, and he has been working with a publisher for further story and character… Continue reading

Poe Museum

It is once again me, Noah, the eldest of the Nomad children. You could say that I am back; perhaps I am striking back. One might even go so far to say this is Episode V: The Eldest Strikes Back. Of course, I won’t say that, but anyone else is welcome… Continue reading

That Is Called Summer

Let me paint the picture for you….The temperature is a mere 40 degrees outside, the sun is partly hidden by clouds; it is not warm. Our eldest nomad son, Noah, is editing his novel at the kitchen table; the kitchen table is by the back door. The ground is still covered with… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Noah

On each nomad sons’ birthday, I always spend time looking back at years past. Marveling over how they’ve grown, how they’ve changed, and how they’re not my “little” baby anymore. I commonly shed some tears the night before, thinking how they’ll never be “this” age again. Today, I’m thinking back… Continue reading