Return To Missouri

Every year we make a trip and return to Missouri to visit family, handle car registration, insurance, and other general housekeeping stuff that keeps our processes running smoothly to allow us to continue our Nomadic Travels. This return to Missouri was a little bit different. Commonly we are looking for… Continue reading

Albuquerque Townhouse

When looking for a place in New Mexico, we wanted something that was more centrally located. After a lot of research, we settled on Albuquerque. That is when our hunt for a home base began. It did not take us very long before we circled in on a great Albuquerque… Continue reading

Rest And Relaxation

What did this adventurous Nomad want to do for Father’s Day this year (2017)? Go hiking? Climb a mountain? White water rafting? Sand dune sledding? All good guesses. However, this year, I wanted some good old-fashioned Rest and Relaxation. So, I started my day by sleeping in and waking up… Continue reading

Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks

For many of our readers, followers and fans, you will remember when we went to Bryce Canyon. It had wonderful formations called hoodoos that looked like you dripped wet sand on top of itself. Well, a few weeks ago we found a place that is a few miles off of… Continue reading

International Balloon Museum

Do you know what Albuquerque, New Mexico is most known for? Some would say “where Bugs Bunny should have turned left” and others may even say the TV show Breaking Bad. But, before either of those were popular for Albuquerque, one of the things it was famous for was and… Continue reading

Barrio de Analco Historic District

A few weeks ago we went to Santa Fe to meet up with some family at the Santa Fe Railyard Park. Afterwards, there were a few things we wanted to check out that were not far away. Unbeknown to us, the area was actually called the Barrio de Analco Historic… Continue reading

Santa Fe Railyard Park

At the beginning of June, we had some family from the Mid-West that was going to be in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico. We were in New Mexico, so, of course, we hopped in Ebony and decided to meet up with them. Santa Fe is not a huge… Continue reading

Tunnel Canyon Trail

Just east of Albuquerque are the Sandia Mountains, named for their pinkish glow at sunset. Sandia is Spanish for watermelon. There are quite a few hiking trails all through the Sandias. We recently explored one that took us up over 500 feet and through a few different environments called the… Continue reading

Petroglyphs National Monument Volcanoes Trail

So, what did you do last Sunday? Us? We hiked around dormant volcanoes, that’s all. Sometimes I really have to stop and take account of just how unique and event filled our lives are. Yes. Last Sunday we went to the Petroglyphs National Monument Volcanoes Trail just outside of Albuquerque,… Continue reading

Mother’s Day In New Mexico

Mother’s Day was a week ago. And this year we spent Mother’s Day in New Mexico. However, unlike previous Mother’s Days, we did not spend it hiking on some monumental trail. This year was a little different. We began the Mother’s Day celebration as we commonly do, with Mama Nomad… Continue reading