Book Signing At The Springfield Barnes And Noble

As many of you know, the eldest Nomad Son is a professional writer, literary consultant and published author. He has a few short stories available, is working on companion series to his original book and then he has, as mentioned, his published novel called Legend Land. We have been in … Continue reading

Noah Spoke At The Library

As many of you know, our Eldest Nomad Son, Noah, is a published teen author. He debuted with an action fantasy novel called Legend Land. Since the novel came out, he has been a very busy young man with his launch party, book selling events, marketing, conversion of his book … Continue reading

Launch Party

As I stated in our post Back In The Swing Of Things, we were in Missouri to do a great many personal administrative things like taxes, drivers licenses, new vehicle, etc. One thing we did, that had nothing to do with our annual personal admin tasks was to have a … Continue reading

Noah Is Being Published

Hello all of our Living Nomad Style supporters, fans and friends. Noah is being published! Yep! Our eldest Nomad son is going to be a published author! At 16 he finished writing his first novel, Legend Land, and he has been working with a publisher for further story and character … Continue reading