Utah Hiking Home Base

When looking for a home base in Southern Utah, there were a lot of factors we had to take into consideration. There were so many places we wanted to hike in the area, plus we wanted to go to Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, after searching high and… Continue reading

Four Wheeling

Last weekend The Nomads got access to an ATV and we went four wheeling. One thing about Southern Utah, there are lots of public lands that you can use. And you can almost throw a rock in any direction to hit a trail you can take an ATV on or… Continue reading

Hike To The Babylon Arch

What would you consider as the perfect date to do with your spouse or significant other? Romantic dinner? Dancing? Movie? What about hiking through a semi-desert area with lizards, rabbits, sand and rock? Well, a couple of weeks ago I took Mama Nomad on that date, to hike to the Babylon… Continue reading

Silver Reef

How many of you have heard of Silver Reef? I never had. However, the area surrounding this ghost town is the location for the only deposit of silver found in sandstone in The United States. That’s kind of interesting when you consider this area is about 15 miles north of St. George… Continue reading