Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 is our 4th year celebrating Thanksgiving as Nomads. The first year we were in Georgia and spent Thanksgiving with our family in the area. The second year we were in Connecticut. The third year we were in Oregon. And this year, we are on the Emerald Coast on the Panhandle of Florida.… Continue reading

Connecticut Beach House

When our original plan was made for the New England part of our adventure, I was only slightly excited. I’m actually exaggerating quite a bit…..I didn’t want to go. I won’t carry on about why I wasn’t looking forward to this stay; we’ll just say that I wanted to head… Continue reading

Let It Snow

We came to winter in Connecticut, in part, to see snow. We have been here since September and it snowed a little bit one day. Heck, on Christmas it was warm enough to almost wear shorts. Well, a snow storm has been brewing and coming across the mid and eastern… Continue reading

The Panic Room

Before Christmas (December 19), Mama Nomad and I went out on a date for the afternoon and evening. She found something that she thought would be interesting. I had never heard of it before. But, as I am game to try anything she suggests at least once, we headed on… Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2015

From our Nomad Family to yours, we would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Joyous Holiday Season! Continue reading

Greenwich Home Light Show

In the City of Greenwich, Connecticut, is a home owned by a man by the name of Mr. Paul Tudor Jones. Mr. Jones is an American businessman that founded Tudor Investment Corporation. As of 2014, he was ranked the 108th richest American with a net worth of about $4.3 billion.… Continue reading

Niantic Christmas Parade

It was December 12, 2015 around 4pm. It was dark already. It was cold outside and the weather was slightly drizzling and a little dreary. So, what did we decide to do? Go to the Niantic Christmas Parade, of course! In downtown Niantic, Connecticut, they hold a nighttime Christmas Parade… Continue reading

Mystic Christmas Boat Parade

The weekend right after Thanksgiving 2015, we learned that there was a lighted boat parade in Mystic, Connecticut. Lighted boat parade? We had no idea what that was. We assumed it was like a regular parade with floats, except this time the floats actually floated. So, off we went to… Continue reading

Mystic Pizza

When the youngest nomad said he wanted pizza for his birthday dinner, currently being in Connecticut, and close to Mystic, two words came to mind…..Mystic Pizza. As a child of the 80’s, and a fan of Julia Roberts, Mystic Pizza was my suggestion to the birthday boy. He had never… Continue reading

Homeschool Days Out

Our family has been a homeschooling family long before we became a nomadic family. We love homeschooling our children, and are thankful to be a part of their educational journey. Our homeschooling days look pretty much the same from day to day. It’s kept pretty structured. The lesson plans are… Continue reading