Carlito Springs

Last Saturday we decided to take our first hike in New Mexico. Up until now, we have been preoccupied with city type events and exploring. We were missing the rural hiking, so Mama Nomad picked a short, 2 mile hike, near the Sandia Mountains, called Carlito Springs. What started as… Continue reading

Exploring On Mothers Day

Mother’s Day 2016 just came and went. And we just sat around and did nothing all day. Now, those of you who follow us know that this could not be true. Last year Mama Nomad wanted to Hike The Appalachian Trail at Harper’s Ferry. That was an interesting, adventurous and… Continue reading


Four score and seven years ago. A famous man said these famous words at a now famous place during a famous time in American history; yes, the correct answer is Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Gettysburg served as more than where the Gettysburg Address was delivered… Continue reading

Battle of Pea Ridge

FLASHBACK FRIDAY ~ 2009 In memory of the Battle of Pea Ridge, AKA Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, fought March 7-8 in 1862; where 26,000 men fought, and over 3,000 were killed, captured or wounded. Pea Ridge was fought in order to determine the fate of Missouri in the Civil War.… Continue reading