Mama Nomad’s 2017 Birthday

It was September 8, 2017. In our house that is a special day. As many of you know, we take birthdays seriously. And September 8th was Mama Nomad’s 2017 Birthday! Now, commonly Mama Nomad wants to celebrate her birthday by going on a hike, outdoor exploration or some sort of … Continue reading

Highland Games

Last week, Mama Nomad told me about an upcoming event nearby. It was called the Highland Games. Apparently, Custer County, Montana has a vibrant population of citizens that are of Celtic descent. And this was a celebration of the types of games seen in the Highlands of Scotland. So, last … Continue reading

Earth Dog Cafe

Situated in the center of a town with less than 700 people is a place that you would not necessarily expect in this small town setting. It is called Earth Dog Cafe. Mama Nomad, me and her parents visited this establishment one afternoon while cruising around this small town. From … Continue reading