Book Signing At The Springfield Barnes And Noble

As many of you know, the eldest Nomad Son is a professional writer, literary consultant and published author. He has a few short stories available, is working on companion series to his original book and then he has, as mentioned, his published novel called Legend Land. We have been in… Continue reading

Launch Party

As I stated in our post Back In The Swing Of Things, we were in Missouri to do a great many personal administrative things like taxes, drivers licenses, new vehicle, etc. One thing we did, that had nothing to do with our annual personal admin tasks was to have a… Continue reading

Halloween 2015

It is Halloween again, one of the favorite holidays of the Nomad Boys. For Halloween 2015, the whole family went trick or treating together through the streets of Old Lyme, Connecticut. Trevor was an author, Ethan was Skully and Noah was Eggs from Box Trolls. Old Lyme is a small… Continue reading

Noah Is Being Published

Hello all of our Living Nomad Style supporters, fans and friends. Noah is being published! Yep! Our eldest Nomad son is going to be a published author! At 16 he finished writing his first novel, Legend Land, and he has been working with a publisher for further story and character… Continue reading