Snow Days Part 2

The Farm House Across The Field of SnowAbout a week ago we went out to play in the snow. Mama Nomad wrote about it in our post called Snow Days. The snow had fallen sufficiently for us to try sledding. But we did not have sleds. We only had boogie boards. So, we tried snow boogie boarding.

Although we had some success, we were not satisfied. Within the next few days, while snow was falling, we decided to try it again. This time we are using a different method. This time we inflated and tried out the intertubes we used to float down the San Marcos River. Continue reading and join us for Snow Days Part 2.

Snow Days Part 2 was actually divided up into two days. Although they happened one day right after the other, it was literally like day and night. The first day was blustery, the wind seemed to cut through us. It was extremely cold and the snow was coming down blanketing everything. The snow stuck to our clothes and began to seep through our layers. However, it made for a mighty good time of snow intertubing and Mama Nomad even made a snow angel of her own.

Day 2 of Snow Days Part 2, as previously stated, was completely different from Day 1. On Day 2, the wind stopped, the snow ceased falling and the sun came out. This caused the temperatures to increase. It became warm enough that I played in a t-shirt and the other Nomads participated without jackets.

The snow was a bit more challenging. Due to the increase in temperatures, the snow was wetter and denser. We had to work at it for a while to pack the snow down sufficiently so we could slide our intertubes across the top of it. And you know that is exactly what we did.

Once we were finished with the intertubing, Ethan decided to take advantage of the wet dense snow. With a little bit of elbow grease, a carrot, borrowing Noah’s scarf and using his own hat, Ethan built a pretty decent snow man.

And, due to our (Mama Nomad and me) sore muscles from two days of jumping on intertubes in the snow, we decided to try out the hot tub. This would not sound weird except for the fact that it is outside with no pathway to it except through the snow. But, once we got in, our troubles melted away (pun intended).

I would say that Snow Days 2 was a resounding success. I look forward to using those intertubes on the river when it warms up. Let me leave you with one tip I learned when using inflatables in the cold. If you have your inflatables stored with the air removed (as you are supposed to) and they are in a storage container that allows for them to get cold, bring them into the warmth of the house before inflating. Why? Because when the plastic is cold, it is brittle. And if you inflate it while it is cold, the areas where the plastic is creased will likely cause a hole to be created in the inflatable. Bringing it inside a few hours before usage will save you a lot of trouble. I have found that inflatable patches work for water, but they do not survive 5 minutes in the snow! Safe Travels.

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