Remembrance of September 11th

Mandy and I were driving through Kissimmee and we passed by the Valencia College Osceola Campus at 1800 Denn John Ln, Kissimmee, FL. What caught our attention was the vast quantity of flags. We wondered, “what is going on?” As we researched it, we uncovered that the Valencia College Osceola Campus, with the Rotary Club, puts almost 3000 flags in the ground to commemorate each person that died on September 1, 2001. This is the third year they have done this. Honestly, this was a little overwhelming, awe-inspiring and emotional. So today, on this September 11th, 2014, let’s take a moment to remember all those who were lost in the attack as well as those trying to save others. These are our pix from the campus.

We also shot a short video of the main ground with the flags as well as the entrance/exit of the campus.

They may be gone, but not forgotten.

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