Mesa Road

As we travel around the US, we really enjoy engaging in conversation with natives so that like to explore their local area. We have found that we can uncover some gems that are not on travel guides or top 10 spots. But, they deliver great value and enjoyment. We recently came across … Continue reading

Silver Reef

How many of you have heard of Silver Reef? I never had. However, the area surrounding this ghost town is the location for the only deposit of silver found in sandstone in The United States. That’s kind of interesting when you consider this area is about 15 miles north of St. George … Continue reading

Pioneer Park

One sunny Tuesday, a few weeks ago, we all piled into Ebony in the late afternoon to go on a hike. Mama Nomad had picked a place that would give us a good introduction to hiking in Utah. The place is called Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park is located at 375 … Continue reading

The Road To Utah

After we departed Cobb Mountain in Northern California, our next destination was Utah. We had a choice of 3 different routes. One of them went through Donner Pass. For those of you who do not know about Donner Pass, you can read about it here. Let’s just say that when … Continue reading

California Mountain House

While we were exploring San Francisco, we needed a home base. Even though it was only going to be one week (our shortest stay anywhere), we still wanted to get a house, like we commonly do. And, through our searching, we found the perfect one for us in Cobb, California. … Continue reading

Exploring San Francisco

After we left Oregon, we were headed to the US Southwest. However, there were a few things we wanted to see in Northern California. So we found a mountain cabin for a week that allowed us to go exploring in San Francisco, since that was our main destination in the … Continue reading

Oregon House

As many of you know, we were in Oregon for a few months. We arrived in the middle of November and stayed there until the first week of February. It was beautiful country and the people were real laid back. One thing was recurring though…the rain. We were there for … Continue reading

U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans

As a Nomad, you are well aware that our family travels full-time. We have done all of our traveling primarily within the United States. However, as the Nomad Sons get older, our plans may look external to the US and broaden our family’s travel horizons. Many of you have already … Continue reading

Brice Creek

As I have stated, on more than one occasion, it rains quite a bit in Oregon during this time of year. But the second to the last week of January had the sun peeking through for more than a few moments. It actually returned like it belonged here. So, Mama … Continue reading

Passport Renewal

The time had come. Everyone needed to renew passports. Well…actually…passport expired a few years ago. But, we were traveling in the US, so we did not see the need to renew them. That was until we went to Niagara Falls. We wanted to walk across the bridge into Canada, but … Continue reading