Utah Hiking Home Base

When looking for a home base in Southern Utah, there were a lot of factors we had to take into consideration. There were so many places we wanted to hike in the area, plus we wanted to go to Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, after searching high and … Continue reading

Hike St George Website

While we stayed in Southern Utah, Mama Nomad came across one of the most useful sites we have ever seen for hiking. It is the Hike St. George website. This website seems to have some of the most accurate and comprehensive database of information as it pertains to directions to trails, … Continue reading

Four Wheeling

Last weekend The Nomads got access to an ATV and we went four wheeling. One thing about Southern Utah, there are lots of public lands that you can use. And you can almost throw a rock in any direction to hit a trail you can take an ATV on or … Continue reading

Hunting For Dino Tracks

So, last week my parents, affectionately known as Lolo and BB, flew out. They rented a convertible and wanted to tour through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We welcomed into our home base and planned a day of hiking with them. They learned that there were some dinosaur tracks in the … Continue reading

Hike To The Babylon Arch

What would you consider as the perfect date to do with your spouse or significant other? Romantic dinner? Dancing? Movie? What about hiking through a semi-desert area with lizards, rabbits, sand and rock? Well, a couple of weeks ago I took Mama Nomad on that date, to hike to the Babylon … Continue reading

Los Angeles In A Day

Many people do not know this, but Daddy Nomad actually graduated High School in Southern California. Yep. I bounced back and forth between a high school in the Philippines and a few high schools in Southeast Los Angeles and Northeast Orange County. However, the Nomads, as a traveling family, had … Continue reading

Bryce Canyon National Park

What is a hoodoo? Ever heard of one? Wikipedia defines it as, “A hoodoo (also called a tent rock, fairy chimney, and earth pyramid) is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland.” Located in Southern Utah among the many … Continue reading

Kolob Canyon

Many people have heard of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park. However, here is something not everyone is aware of. Did you know that Zion National Park is divided into two main sections, as it pertains to access by road? That is correct. Most of the population enter Zion National … Continue reading

Travel As Transformation

The Nomads of Living Nomad Style have journeyed throughout the United States. That was our primary objective for our journey. We wanted to live in or explore all 50 states. And, as of this writing, we have completed 44. We learned many things along the way about travel, relationships, solution … Continue reading

Celebration In Las Vegas

You know the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That was a clever marketing campaign to get people to come to Vegas, party, gamble and have guilt free fun. Well, I just had a birthday and do not intend to stand by the marketing campaign. I want everyone to … Continue reading