Setting Up In Florida

As of September 6, 2017, our clan of Nomads has visited all of the contiguous 48 United States. Also referred to as CONUS (Continental United States). Our travels across and around the United States took us just over 3 years since we began our journey from Texas on August 29,… Continue reading

Albuquerque Townhouse

When looking for a place in New Mexico, we wanted something that was more centrally located. After a lot of research, we settled on Albuquerque. That is when our hunt for a home base began. It did not take us very long before we circled in on a great Albuquerque… Continue reading

Utah Hiking Home Base

When looking for a home base in Southern Utah, there were a lot of factors we had to take into consideration. There were so many places we wanted to hike in the area, plus we wanted to go to Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, after searching high and… Continue reading

California Mountain House

While we were exploring San Francisco, we needed a home base. Even though it was only going to be one week (our shortest stay anywhere), we still wanted to get a house, like we commonly do. And, through our searching, we found the perfect one for us in Cobb, California.… Continue reading

Oregon House

As many of you know, we were in Oregon for a few months. We arrived in the middle of November and stayed there until the first week of February. It was beautiful country and the people were real laid back. One thing was recurring though…the rain. We were there for… Continue reading

Idaho Falls Ranch House

Once we left the land of The Big Sky, we continued our journey westward. We entered a land of sand dunes, mountains, lakes and lava flows. We entered Idaho. The diversity of environments really took us by surprise. We also wanted to find a home base that would allow us… Continue reading

Big Sky Apartment

When we left our Wisconsin Lake House, we sought a new home base with warmth and wide open spaces. So, we headed to the land of the Big Sky; Miles City, Montana to be exact. We had not felt many temperatures above 70 for almost a year. We had a… Continue reading

Wisconsin Lake House

Those of you who regularly follow us know that we deviated from our plan to head out west and, instead, went north. We ended up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin just outside of a little town called Manitowish Waters. We had never been to a climate or environment quite like… Continue reading

Kentucky Cabin

After we left Connecticut, we had a quandary. We needed to be in Missouri by the beginning of March but it was the end of January. We needed a place to stay for one month. One month! We have never setup a home base for just one month. Let me… Continue reading

Connecticut Beach House

When our original plan was made for the New England part of our adventure, I was only slightly excited. I’m actually exaggerating quite a bit…..I didn’t want to go. I won’t carry on about why I wasn’t looking forward to this stay; we’ll just say that I wanted to head… Continue reading