Old Town Festival of Fright

Old Town ClockThe Nomads visited Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida. Old Town is an iconic walking district that has a collection of shops, eateries and amusements. The roads are paved with brick and every Saturday night, there is an old-time street cruising where they have a parade of pre-1975 hot rods, street rods, antiques and good old muscle cars.

We were fortunate enough, however, to visit on a night when they were celebrating their Festival of Fright! In addition to the car parade, there were people dressed up in costumes, haunted houses and even dancing zombies. Zombies dancing to Thriller never gets old.

The young Nomads love Halloween (and Daddy Nomad kind of digs it too). So, they were thrilled to get dressed up and head to the Old Town Festival of Fright. This season they went as (from oldest to youngest) a werewolf victim, a werewolf and a werewolf hunter. They even did their own little pix skit before we went.

We arrived at Old Town (5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746), found parking relatively easy and traversed to the brick laid walking streets. We were not let down. There were crowds of people with ghosts, zombies, Hannibal Lecter, Leatherface and more. Even Mama Nomad, who is not the biggest fan of Halloween type activities, was willing to give me a growling face. And, Ethan (the werewolf) had fans that wanted to come up and take pictures with him.

We watched zombies dance to Michael Jackson, creepy monsters, killers and ghosts roam around, walked by a haunted house and huge displays of Festival of Fright themed decorations and then the parade of cars topped it off. There must have been a hundred of the cars! Below I have just a fraction of the pix we took.


If you are a Halloween fan, this is worth a visit. If you are an old-time car fan, this is worth a visit. If you like them both, then this should be on your itinerary. It was a very crowded but quite enjoyable event. With free parking, it also costs you nothing to check it out.

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  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun! Next time we are in Florida, during October, we will have to check it it out 😉

    • Roadschooling Momma – It was a lot of fun. Our sons love Halloween. So, ghosts, ghouls, monsters, zombies, etc all in one area walking around was a blast for them. Mama Nomad and myself really enjoyed the car show. I had visiting family go back during the day and reported back that Old Town is worth visiting in the day as well.

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