Oil and Honey

While on the road, we constantly seek ways to reduce the weight and size of the things we carry. We do this by eliminating items that we realize that we do not need. We also accomplish this by utilizing items that have multiple uses. Today we will focus on two items that fulfill this description: oil and honey.

We use 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil, by Carrington Farms, in our household. When we first Coconut Oilbegan using coconut oil, we did so because we heard of the health benefits of using it over the organic extra virgin olive oil we were using. I personally liked it because it had a higher smoke point than olive oil. Essentially, I could cook at higher temperatures without creating a smoke screen in the kitchen.

As we continue to educate ourselves, which we do in an ongoing fashion, Mama Nomad and I began to uncover other uses for it. If you are having mouth troubles like sensitive or bleeding gums, the coconut oil acts as a great anti-bacterial. You can use it in an ancient practice called oil pulling. Before no time, your mouth and gums will begin to feel better.

Additionally, coconut oil can be utilized as a facial cleaner. Mama Nomad tells me that it is absolutely great for removing makeup from the face. In that same vein, coconut oil is also a great moisturizer. One thing we experienced is that we found it to be more effective as a skin moisturizer in more humid environments. It seemed to be less effective in less humid environments.

At least 4 uses out of one product, coconut oil has won a permanent spot in our travel containers. One last observation, do not skimp on the coconut oil. There is a difference between the cheap coconut oil sprays and bottles and the pure, unrefined, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin kind. The purer and less refined the coconut oil, the better the performance. We noticed this across all uses. Spend a few bucks more and get more than your money’s worth in return.

Now onto our other item on the list, honey. Honey has been used since ancient times as a food enhancer for its sweetness. We do not have uses for honey other than food related. However, it has become our universal sweetener. We use honey for anything we need sweetness added to it. Mama Nomad and I use Honeyit in our coffee, when Mama Nomad bakes, in oatmeal and almost anything else.

There are still a few items that still need organic sugar. But, instead of having a 5 pound bag of sugar, we now buy the smallest bag available to us. This has been a big space saver for us.

Additionally, honey is much better for you than refined sugar. First of all, there is no way to have genetically modified honey. They have tried to give bees steroids and tamper with them so they could produce more. The result was that the bees died. So, bees are a natural filter for the honey. That is a bonus to us.

I will say that there are different grades of health when it comes to honey. Some places feed the bees sugar-water. They then convert that into honey. This honey, although not bad for you, does not have the health benefits available in honey that is made from bees gathering from wildflowers, orange blossoms and clover. So, when you purchase your honey, choose a honey that was made with one of these as the source for the bees. And, make sure that the only ingredient is honey. There is not need to add anything else to the honey.

Here are a few tips. One, if you can buy honey that came from the same county that you live in, it is supposed to help your body to endure the local environment better. With all other things being somewhat equal, buy local honey. Also, when you buy raw honey, it can crystallize. This is natural and nothing is wrong. One way to return it back to a liquid is to but the bottle in some warm or hot water.

Oil and honey, two things that are both good for you and that have multiple uses. Consider adding them to your list when you travel Nomad Style in order to cut down on size and weight. Safe Travels.

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  1. Try honey warmed with a little olive oil – not hot. It is a great deep hair conditioner. You will never find anything so good again.

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