Nomad Mama’s Birthday

In our Nomad Family, we take birthday’s seriously. They are the one day of the year that we stop everything and focus on the family member whose birthday it is. Today, September the 8th, is Mandy’s birthday. So, before I go any further…

Happy Birthday Mandy!

For her birthday we went on a unique little adventure that started at the World of Chocolate Museum, Mandy's Birthday Surprisevisited a British Themed Pub, and culminated with a stroll through the Orlando Premium Outlets and a small jaunt to Whole Foods.

While at the Orlando Premium Outlets, we visited Kay Jewelers to get her jewelry inspected and cleaned. And, when she walked out, it was with an additional ring she did not enter with!

She began her day with chocolate, crested the evening with jewelry and is ending it with a glass of wine. Mandy seemed to have enjoyed a fantastic birthday today. What oh what are we going to do next year?

More on the places we visited in separate posts.

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